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Dear Parents,

The year 2015-2016 is rapidly approaching. All the more reason to get ready today!

Let us introduce you Boost,
who also actively prepares for the next schoolyear.

The "Fonds de Soutien"? Who is it? What is it? How to help?

Who is it? The "Fonds de Soutien" is composed of the president of the board ("Pouvoir Organisateur" or "PO"), sister Josiane, the directors of the school (Mr Bontemps and Mr Groutars), several professors and the presidents of the Parents' Association ("Associations de Parents").

What is it? The "Fonds de Soutien" meets every year in November to allocate the funds raised at the three sites of the "Institut de l'Assomption" (Primary school, Sainte Thérèse and Secondary school). The allocation is done taking into account the projects and the number of students of each site.

How to help? You can do a wire transfer. All the contributions are anonymous. We leave it up to you to decide the amount.

By encouraging the solidarity between the parents, by making a donation, even of 10€, all together we can realize great things for our school.

Next year's projets are being prepared from this moment.

Account number of "Fonds de Soutien de l'Assomption"

BE 50 3100 1656 0818

Thank you for your fundation and your support.

Support Boost, support your shcool.

Solidarity brings life to out school.

Welcome to the site of Sainte-Thérèse school of the Assomption College

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Welcome to the site of l'Institut Sainte Thérèse, one of the two Maternal and Primary establishments of Institut de l'Assomption.
Sainte Thérèse is a small homely school tucked away in the gardens of the Logis and Floréal, in an exceptional environment (see here) and relatively near public transport.  High quality teaching and blossoming of the children are our two priorities, declined in a series of teaching projects constructed around the concepts of verticality and integration (see here)
The second establishment is located at the foot of the Saint-Hubert Church.
The secondary school, along the Chaussée de la Hulpe, is 5 min far from the ring Est


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Ecole Sainte-Thérèse de l'Institut de l'Assomption

Kindergarten, primary and secondary french-speaking school, 

Watermael-Boitsfort, Bruxelles

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  • ! 2013-2014 : the trend is confirmed!   The number of children is even more important !
  • SECURITY : new rules HERE

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"Our" field  along seasons, what a superb site in the heart of Brussels!





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